P.S. 75K Mayda Cortellia Elementary School

95 Grove Street
Brooklyn, NY 11221
(718) 574 - 0244

P.S. 75 Mayda Cortiella School is a public school located in the Bushwick neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. The school has approximately 240 students from grades 3K through 5th Grade. We believe in the nurturing and development of the whole child. Our Early Childhood classes have lots of activities for children to explore art, nature, music, dramatic play and more, which are meant to develop a range of skills and promote a child's acceptance of diversity. We are committed to providing all our students across all our classrooms with rigorous and engaging learning experiences that will prepare them to be productive citizens and life long learners. We welcome everyone to our school.

We believe all our scholars are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Principal: Dr. Yolanda Williams

Assistant Principal: Paul Zomcheck                                                                                        pzomchek@schools.nyc.gov  

Parent Coordinator: Illuminada Belardo

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