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CSD 32

District Leadership team (DLT)


Currently, monthly meetings are held on Teams.

Contact Isaiah Chevere ( for an invite to our next meeting.



Dr. Rebecca Lozada

Community Superintendent

Lisa Hidalgo

Deputy Superintendent

Janice Ross

Superintendent of Brooklyn North High Schools

Dan Purus

Field Support Liaison 

Michelle Freeman-Harrison

 Executive Director of School Support & Operations

Alice Nieves  

Family Leadership Coordinator

Emily Chang

Director of Continuous Improvement

Dr. John Barbella

CSA Representative

Veronica Wilensky-Sorkin

UFT District Representative

Adrainer Coleman

DC37 Representative

Alice Nieves-Garcia

District 32 Family Leadership Coordinator

Jenna Kruger

Director of State and Federal Policy Implementation

Devin Thornburg

Director of State and Federal Policy Implementation

Desines Rodriguez

District 32 Community Education Council-President at Large

Jazzy Rivera

District 32 Presidents’ Council President

President-H.S. Borough Presidents’ Council

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