CSD 32

District Leadership team (DLT)


Currently, monthly meetings are held on Teams.

Contact Liz Fernandez (EFernandez4@schools.nyc.gov) for an invite to our next meeting.



Sheila S.-Gorski

Community Superintendent

Janice Ross

Superintendent of Brooklyn North High Schools

Greg Hagin

Brooklyn H.S. Family Leadership Coordinator

Dr. John Barbella

CSA Representative

Veronica Wilensky-Sorkin

UFT District Representative

Adrainer Coleman

DC37 Representative

Alice Nieves-Garcia

District 32 Family Leadership Coordinator

Andrew Kenny

Senior School Improvement Liaison

Martha Bayona

District 32 Community Education Council-Member at Large

Jazzy Rivera

District 32 Presidents’ Council President

President-H.S. Borough Presidents’ Council